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Privacy and cookies

In addition to information that is collected provided in our forms on the website, we also collect information such as those who visit our website. It is most often because we want to make our products even better for you who use them, but sometimes it is mostly because we want to run a business. You can find out what data we collect here, how you can both turn it off or request more information and make a complaint.


You don't actually need to have cookies from Like our customers, we find that pop-ups and banners where you check which cookies you want and don't want - are disturbing and often confusing. We have therefore chosen to remove all third-party cookies from the website.

Does that mean we don't use cookies at all?

No. Our Content Management System (Craft CMS) requires the use of cookies in its core functionality related to security. We have assessed these as necessary, and they are therefore stored without prior consent.

Does this mean that your visit to is not tracked?

No. We still track visits to our website. We do this to learn more about how the website is used and how we can make it better. BUT, we do not track who you are.

We have chosen to use the tracking tool Fathom which is in line with national and international privacy legislation (GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA and PECR). This tool only tracks what you do on the website. Not who you are or what you do elsewhere. And it also doesn't share data with other websites or services. This means that you can surf safely and anonymously on our website.

If you do not want cookies at all, you can manage this yourself! If you search DuckDuckGo for "how to disable cookies" you can find the recipe for your browser. (DuckDuckGo does not store information about your search activity.)

Privacy and the privacy policy

The personal data we gather from about you on our website, is so that we can better to follow up when you use our contact forms or sign up for newsletters. By personal data we mean the information you leave in our forms. Typically this is name, e-mail, telephone number and place of residence.

We process all personal data in accordance with Norwegian law, including the Personal Data Act and the Personal Data Regulations. We never ask about gender identity, ethnicity or age when the information can be linked to a person - if you should come across something like this, we would very much like to know.

The information are stored in our CRM systems which are handled by Ålesund Data (, and according to protocol must be deleted when the need for the information ceases. Some information such as your name and place of residence is also stored in our accounting system in accordance with the Accounting Act. We are obliged to keep these for 5 years.

How you can gain access, request deletion and complain

We can delete the data we have stored about you, tell you what data we have and guide you in making a complaint if you think we have done something wrong.

Contact us at to get an overview of what we know about you. You will receive an answer within four weeks. You can also ask us to delete everything, update what is incorrect or delete parts of the information at the same address. We cannot delete invoice information, as this is required by law to be kept for a minimum of 5 years.

If you think that we have done something wrong with your personal data, you can complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. We will help you as best we can in that process - but please contact us beforehand.